Kimberly Sullivan 05/15/18

THE BEST spice blends with NO preservatives AND variety available for low sodium diets with various levels of "heat"

Nancy Schroeder Google 05/16/18

Hands down some of the tastiest spice combos ever!! Cajun, Italian and Jamaican rubs~YUM!!

Rachelle Richard Facebook 04/30/18
Omgoodness, I'm not a big cook but my personal assistant finally put to use for us some of these AMAZING seasonings I've had from Alicia and we can't wait to get our hands on more!!!!! Absolutely DIVINE!!!!!!

Rachael Woosley Facebook 11/26/17
Is it bad of me that I roasted a whole chicken for dinner and all I wanna eat is the skin covered in MyHappyPalate BDB spice! Yummy!

Gayle Rafferty Facebook 09/23/17
I just made mushrooms with the Guido seasoning and red onions and added red wine absolutely wonderful

Kim Samples  Facebook 12/05/16 

BDB BBQ is my favorite new seasoning!! I'm literally using it on almost everything!! We picked it up at the Balloon Glow night last weekend. Can't wait to try all the others!